Everyday culture and furniture

We are surrounded by everyday objects – where would we be without them? Our collection includes (almost) everything that was of vital importance in this region in the past, or was simply cherished by the local population and thus stood the test of time. The objects are from both urban and rural environments, from the Middle Ages as well as from the early modern period and the present. They include furniture, jewellery, optical instruments, coins, ink wells, hunting weapons, garments, tableware, tools, cast iron stove plates, toys, clocks and watches. Many of these things may have become quite unfamiliar to us.

Do you know, for example, what a carbide lamp is? (It is a gas lamp in which the fuel, calcium carbide, which is stored in the lamp, produces the flammable gas acetylene when it comes into contact with water. This type of lamp was used above all in mining and as headlights for railroads, bicycles and cars.)