Our 18th century farmhouse

The Farmhouse Museum Bortfeld has been an exhibition venue of the Brunswick State Museum since 1968.

Due to restoration works the Farmhouse Museum Bortfeld will be closed until further notice.

The farmhouse in Bortfeld is a thatched hall house, built in 1639 as a two-post construction, and is typical of northern Germany. We may assume that there was a previous building on the same site which may have been destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War. The large threshing area at the center of the building is flanked by low side-aisles. Opposite the large door there are the three typical rooms of the bay.

The building saw several construction phases. The attic storey in the eastern part was rebuilt or newly built in 1726. This is confirmed by the inscription on the storey threshold. There were further extensions in 1851 at the eastern gable and the south side.

Restoration works at the Bortfeld Farmhouse started in 2006. In that context, a decision was taken in consultation with the Peine regional administration and the state office of cultural heritage preservation to convert the Bortfeld Farmhouse into a museum. The exhibition will be given a major makeover and, once the restoration works have been completed, visitors will have the opportunity to learn fascinating facts about village life in the Brunswick region in the past.

The Farmhouse Museum will then give an overview of changes to rural life from the early modern period to the present. How did people live and work in this house? The exhibition will provide answers using original objects and info points.