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Since moving the Herzogliches Kunst- und Naturalienkabinett to the Zeughaus (arsenal) in 1765, the Print Room has had its own premises. In 1887 the new museum building was opened and the Print Room was installed in three south-facing rooms on the first floor. From 1977 to 2009 it was housed in a ground-floor room with depository. Since 2010 the Print Room is in the museum annex with enough space to store, conserve and study the collection of graphics.

As works of art on paper are light-sensitive they can only be shown for a short period of time in dimmed lighting. In the Study Room each visitor is given the works they wish to study for individual viewing. In addition, the Museum offers public viewings of works under scientific guidance. There are numerous events for closed groups (after prior arrangement) and the appraisal of works (without appreciation, after prior arrangement). Regular print exhibitions from the Museum’s own collection offer visitors an informal opportunity to get to know or revisit works from the Print Room in a larger context. For this purpose, there is room that has been specifically equipped since the reopening of the generally refurbished old building in 2016.

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