It’s only here that the real lion roars!

A visit to the “lion city” of Brunswick is only complete when you meet up with the Brunswick Lion – the real one, of course! This bronze sculpture is 800 years old. It was made in the 12th century, commissioned by Duke Heinrich of Saxony and Bavaria (known as “Henry the Lion”), and was given to the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in the 1980s and has since embellished the squires’ room at Dankwarderode Castle. The figure is surrounded by other top-class works of art from the medieval department of the museum such as the imperial cloak of Otto IV, who was a son of Henry the Lion and the only Guelf to become emperor. Also on display are the few remaining items of the legendary “Treasure of the Guelfs”, which is identical, as only a few know, with the Brunswick cathedral treasure.

Our tip:

Following in the footsteps of Henry the Lion, don’t forget to visit the Brunswick Cathedral of Saint Blasii right next to the Castle of Dankwarderode with the tomb of the indomitable Guelf, its restored ceiling painting and the impressive Imervard Cross.

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Blick in die Mittelalterausstellung des Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museums in der Burg Dankwarderode

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