Painting Gallery


Blick auf Rembrandts Familienbild in der Gemäldegalerie

Roughly 320 paintings are on display in the gallery on the 1st floor which was newly established in 2016.

The hanging of the works of art is strongly influenced by the changing visual habits and preferences of today’s visitors. While in the past, the art historical aspect of the exhibits was often the only guideline, today the focus is on presenting the entire, broad spectrum of the collection. There is a larger choice of motifs such as still life, landscape, animals and attractive female portraits – themes that are particularly popular with visitors.

Moreover, each exhibition room is devoted to a specific thematic motto which is intended to open up a new content-related approach for visitors. These mottos may refer to artistic principles such as the relationship between performing arts and painting, the artists’ self-portraits, or the art of deception in painting. Furthermore, there are themes that have a very topical ring, such as the migration of artists during the Thirty Years War or the role of the family in society. Another example of a stronger focus on visitors’ preferences and requirements is that for the first time each exhibit has its own individual description in the new gallery. These short explanations together with a free booklet offer visitors the opportunity of a more in-depth exploration of the specific themes in the rooms.