Max becomes Beckmann

It began in Brunswick


At the center of this major special exhibition are Max Beckmann’s formative early years as an artist. International works on loan and key works from his artistic activity give visitors the opportunity to explore his development to become one of the leading artistic figures of the 20th century.

Beckmann was born in Leipzig in 1884 and spent his early years, from the age of 11 to 16 in Brunswick where he created his earliest artistic works, ranging from the fairy-tale like watercolor “Der Diamantberg” (the diamond mountain) to the sophisticated oil sketch “Landschaft mit See” (landscape with a lake) which he painted in preparation for his art studies in Weimar.

Alongside early, still largely unknown drawings, watercolors and sketches, the exhibition also includes large-scale key works by this truly global artist, such as “Junge Männer am Meer” (young men by the sea) from 1905 and “Sintflut” (the Great Deluge) from 1908.