Biodiversity Hall

A showcase of taxidermy in 19th century style


Fluid preserved specimens in the Biodiversity Hall of the Natural History Museum

The design of this exhibition is based on the historic presentation of taxidermy mounts in the 19th century. All exhibits were arranged in big showcases and provided scientists and students with a teaching collection to be observed and studied. Discover the beauty and diversity of the animal world illustrated by our hundreds of mostly historic specimens.

The over 500 exhibits of the new showcase had been stored in the museum depot because of a lack of space and had not been accessible to visitors. Glass cabinets that go up to the ceiling, dimmed lighting and an effective placement of mirrors offer an impressive experience and illuminate our lion, parrots, pangolins and more with atmospheric light. Two interactive media stations equipped with touch screens provide the visitors with background information about the displayed mammals, birds, insects and other species. Be charmed by our lifelike and exotic animals from all over the world.