Here you can find more information on the museum building at Pockelsstraße

The museum with its long-standing tradition dating back to the ducal “Kunst- und Naturalienkabinett” of the 18th century, only moved to its current location in 1937.

On four floors you can find exhibitions reflecting all collections of the museum. In the basement live amphibians, reptiles, and fish are featured in realistically designed terraria and aquaria.

The historic dioramas on the first and second floor depict local animals in their natural habitat. The first floor also addresses the history of the museum and exhibits notable historical objects in the Treasury. It presents the variety of our specimens in the Showcase and invites visitors to try the interactive exhibitions in the Discovery Hall.

On the second and third floor exhibitions on insects, the dinosaur excavations of the museum, and the fossil and geological history of the Brunswick region as well as on birds, the Ice Age, extinct species, and human evolution can be found.

Special exhibitions that take up a lot of space are often displayed outside of the museum.

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Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum
Pockelsstr. 10
38106 Braunschweig

Telephone 0531 1225 - 3000


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