Handicraft and utility art

It would fill many pages to compile a list of our utility art and handicraft products – our collection is a veritable treasure trove. The Museum has a representative collection of products by renowned producers from the State of Lower Saxony. Examples include drinking glasses from the ducal glass manufactory Schorborn (1744–1842) in the Solling hills which left a lasting impression, above all in the 18th century, for its large variety of forms and design. The Museum also boasts a collection of porcelain from Fürstenberg that is well worth seeing. This manufactory was founded in 1747 at the behest of Duke Karl I of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Another highlight is the collection of lacquer cases and boxes from the “Lackierwarenfabrik” Stobwasser in Brunswick that were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries throughout Europe.