At the Museum

Everything you need to know when visiting the Museum

Taking photographs

Taking photographs without flash, tripod or selfie-stick in the exhibtions of the Naturhistorisches Museum is generally permitted.

For press coverage and photojournalism in connection with the Museum, please go to our press area for high resolution photographic material.

Cloak room

For security reasons visitors are not allowed to take umbrellas and bags into the exhibition rooms.

Please leave your coats and bags in the lockers on the ground floor and in the basement where we also provide stands for your umbrellas.


The Staatliche Naturhistorisches Museum is accessible. The entry way to the exhibitions halls at Pockelsstrasse 10 is step-free and the door can be opened by a button. All floors are accessible by elevator.

Special exhibitions at other venues may only be partly accessible or not at all. Please consult the information on the exhibition page in question.